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Normal faults of the online checkweigher

No.1 The switch of the checkweigher has been turned on,while the screen does not work

1.Have a check the power supply and switch;

2.Have a check the leakage switch in the electric box;

3.Have a check the 24v circuitry and the fuse;

4.Have a check the touch screen.

No.2 All of the belts are not working

1.Have a test the 24v voltage;

2.Have a test the connection between the touch screen and the PLC(There is an “System Fault” In the “Main Menu”,

click and go for the “PLC-IO Port”,it is used to test the connection between the screen and the PLC).

No.3 One belt does not work

1.Have a check the Timing Belt;

2.Have a check the conveyor belt;

3.Have a check the connectors of the motors;

4.Use the substitution method,exchange the drivers and the motors.

No.4 The screen displays “Negative” of the product,while the rejecting unit does not work or work incompletely

1. Work incompletely,have a check the system about the “Removing Output Delay” and the“Removing Hold Time”;

2.Have a check the air pump;

3.Have a check the electron magnetic valve;

4.Have a check the air cylinder;

5.Have a check the electric relay;

6.Have a check the controller of the IO.

No.5 The checkweigher works inaccurate all of a sudden or largely deviates the standard value

1.Have a check the parameters;

2.Large vibration or airstream;

3.The spaces changed between the products;

4.The weighing platform is not clean;

5.The weighing belt is connecting with other belts;

6.The load cell was strained;

7.The wires of the sensor or the motor were pulled too hard;

8.The position of the photoelectric switch is not correct(Especially for the anomalous products).

No.6 The conveyor belt is running out of way and can not be adjusted

1.The belts had been used for a long time,and worn out badly,need to be changed;

2.The roller had been running for a long time,and worn out badly,need to be changed.






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