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The factors that affect the accuracy

No.1 The internal factors of the products

1.The features,there are liquid,solid and powder.When the liquid products reach the Weighing Section,the liquid could be shaking as the belt is moving,which will cause the product’s barycenter moving around;and when the solid products reach the platform,the products vibrate bigger,and last longer;as for the powder products,the powder could be shaking too.

2.The packages,there are bags,pots and bottles.The weight tolerance between the same package;whether it is flat of the pot and bottle,the size of the bottom and the height,all have an influence on the vibration of the product when it reaches the platform.

3.The material,the transparent product or reflective product,they will affect the work of the photoelectric switch.

4.The weight,the bigger weight of the product,the lower of the accuracy.

5.The speed,the faster of the speed,the bigger influence on the accuracy.

6.The shape,the anomalous products,their bottoms are not flat,there is a big effect on the vibration.

No.2 The environmental factors

1.The temperature and the humidity;

2.The vibration and the airstream.Keep away from the machines with big vibration,and the air port of the fan or air conditioning.

3.The interference of the static electricity and the electromagnet.The equipments need to be connected to the ground,stay away from the high power machines and the power system.

4.The protection must be took in dusty or corrosive place.

No.3 The anthropic factors

1.The parameters have not been set adequately;

2.The spaces between the Weighing Section, the Accelerate Section and the Rejecting Section are inappropriate;

3.The weighing platform is not flat;

4.The conveyor belt is too tight or too loose;

5.The wires of the motor or the sensor have not been fixed;

6.The load cell has been destoried because of overloading;

7.The reflector of the photoelectric switch has not been cleaned in time.






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